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Frequently Asked Questions

I have been cleaning rugs for 20 years. So, I have heard a lot of rug cleaning questions. Here are some of them.Feel free to call me at 908-522-1020 or e-mail me at

with any questions. You can also visit my rug cleaning site


How often should I clean my rugs? Linda, Westfield , NJ

It is a good idea to clean your rugs every few years .

If you have young children (I have a 7 year old and a 11 year old) your rugs can get very dirty very quickly. Also, pets will make your rugs dirty a lot quicker. For theses houses, I recommend a rug wash every 1 to 3 years. Washing the rug in soap and water loosens and removes all the dirt and lets the wool fibers breathe.

If you have no young children or pets and you are careful with daily stains, you may go several years between rug washes.

However, emergencies must be treated immediately. For example, dog pee (uric acid), vomit (stomach acid), wine spills, and food spills must be treated as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage. Artificial dyes are found in more foods and drinks than you would expect. Gatorade, Punch, Jell-O, freezer pops etc. (when in doubt check the food label, red 57, blue 33 etc.) must be removed within days. Otherwise it will become impossible to reverse their effects.


What is the value of my rug? Ray, Cranford, NJ

The value of a rug depends greatly on several factors: age, condition, knots per square inch, market conditions.

An 80 year old, room size, persian rug in great condition may retail around $15,000 in North Jersey / New York City metro area.

A handmade rug with silk might retail for around $2000.


What to do with pet stains? Fiona, Summit, NJ

Pet stains have to be treated immediately. Uric acid found in urine or the stomach acid in vomit are not merely stains that can be washed out normally. These stains actually have the ability to dye the rug.

If accidents happen, blot out the area as much as possible with paper towels. Then, try to wash off the pee or vomit with water. Use fans to dry the top and the bottom of your rug. Never leave a rug damp. If it is not dried within a couple of days you will have dry rot.

You can also call me right away for a pick up and soap wash. For emergencies I can pick up the same day.


How to remove pet odors? Dawn, Westfield, NJ

There are a lot of products out there that claim to remove pet odors. They can't always do the job. If you have pet odor issues we can use enzymes to kill the bacteria that causes odors. We let the rug soak in an enzyme bath for several hours. The treatment is guaranteed. You will not be able to smell any offensive odors when the rug comes back.


My fringes are falling apart. What can I do? Mrs. Larkin, Basking Ridge, NJ

There are two ways to fix that problem.

1 ) We can replace your fringe with a brand new one.

2 ) We can overcast both ends of the rug. This will secure the knots in the absence of a fringe to prevent further damage to your rug.




What type of rug padding should I use? Mrs. Cohen, Cranford, NJ

Purchase the padding that has most rubber. The less expensive paddings will slip, and they fall deteriorate sooner. The best paddings have rubber on one side to grip the floor, and wool on the other side to create traction with the rug.

My rugs got flooded - what can I do? Mr. Burns, Short Hills, NJ

The rugs have to be dried quickly (within 2-3 days). In the summer, take them outside to dry. In the winter, use all your fans to dry the top and the bottom of the rug. If the rug stay wet for weeks, mold will grow and or you will have dry rot.


How can I store my rugs? Wendy, Mendham, NJ

If you want to keep your rugs in storage, consider the following things:

If you are not going to use them for several years you have to worry about moths. They will find your rugs and make holes. Even a climate-controlled storage space will not keep moths out. Keep your rugs wrapped in plastic, and make sure there are no holes. You can also place mothballs with the rugs to keep moths away temporarily.

Do not leave the rugs on a basement floor. If you ever have any flooding in the house, the rug will get wet, and you will end up with dry rot. I have seen many rugs destroyed this way. Always eleveate your rugs off the floor.


What can I do about wine stains? Marc, Chatham, NJ

If wine is spilled on your rug, blot it with a paper towel right away. Then, use water to dilute the area and blot the spot again.

We have washed many rugs that had red wine stains. If the owner has blotted and diluted the wine stain it will usually come off in the soap wash. But the only way to be sure the stain will come out is to have the rug washed right away.